Tired of decision-fatigue?

Tune out the noise and Think Like a Strategist to learn how to make the right choices for your business. Get concise email trainings to sharpen your strategic thinking skills. Free, once a month.

Ever thought to yourself, “I’m not sure if this is the right step to take next…”

As founders, steering the vision for our business is in our hands.

We get to decide how our life will look and what we want to do. On the flip side, almost daily, we are faced with making decision after decision.

We need to solve problems, inspire and hire people, sell ethically, brush off naysayers, take constructive feedback, bounce back from failure, learn a lot, and wade through the many messages entrepreneurs are bombarded with about what you “should” do.

It can become exhausting.

Maybe you’ve found yourself wishing you could tune out the noise, get clear, and be confident in your own decisions.

Learn how to make the right choices for your business

Sharpen your strategic thinking skills to be ready to make key decisions, solve issues, navigate challenges, and anticipate change effectively.

In the email trainings, we’ll cover topics that’ll help you:

Know exactly what steps to take to grow without feeling scattered

Develop a personalized system to reduce decision fatigue and create balance in your life and business

Learn how to effectively balance short term vs. long term objectives

Understand how to create momentum for yourself and your team

Determine where are the right places to invest your resources (money + time + effort + support) in execution

Each training is complete with a short prompt to push your thinking.

You’ll especially enjoy these training sessions if you like geeking out about how to run a business. Or, if you would enjoy the (optional) 5-10 minute prompt or exercise to tickle your brain.

You’ll get a warm up prompt when you sign up today.

Occasionally, you’ll also get invitations to join special workshops or 1:1 programs to help you think, plan, execute, and evaluate strategically.

Who’s behind Think Like a Strategist?

Hey! I’m Monisha Bajaj. Founder and Principal Strategist at m times v. Over the past few years, I’ve run 350+ sessions with founders around the globe, architected and strategized $100K to $1M+ businesses and projects, and founded a non-profit organization.

I’ve created Think Like a Strategist to share what I’m learning in theory and practice. So we can learn and grow together.

I hope you find the email training thought-provoking and helpful. And, I look forward to getting to know you over email too.

— Monisha

What readers have said:

“Just wanted to express my gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge. I look forward to getting your emails and truly appreciate them!”

— Lindsay B.

“These emails have been so detailed and clarifying for me.”

— Julian P.

“I found the new training on the Long Game Lens very insightful.”

— Federica B.

“When I first read the prompt I legit just slumped over and said ‚huh!‘ and realized I don’t know. It really got me thinking. Thanks for the prompt!”

— Melanie R.

“Really enjoy your newsletter. I like your writing style!”

— Phillip M.

“The Proportions of Balance training was really good. Got me thinking more about how I distribute my time!”

— Aishwarya B.

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