It's time for everything to click into place.

We guide founders through expanding their business capacity so they can enjoy and welcome growth.

What we help you do

Build an inspirational—excellently run—business

We're here to help you shape what life at work will look like for you and your team.

When your business brings in more work than you can handle, things, unintentionally, start to fall out of place.

Maybe you’re feeling this pressure right now or see that you might reach that point soon—where you can’t take on more work even if you wanted to!

When you’re swept up in the day-to-day, it can be hard to see what changes need to be made.

But you’re ready to take a step back and re-structure to sustain your growth.

We’re m times v.

We guide founders through expanding their business capacity while protecting their well-being.

We bring a trained eye to help you:

Upgrade your business strategy and optimize your operations as you enter growth

Decide where to invest time and resources across the business, including your own

Design team roles to support your vision and determine who to bring on next (plus, how to train them successfully)

Connect the dots to streamline your business culture, strategy, organizational structure, operations and processes, and team

So that everything can click into place.

When it does, your business will continue to grow at a swift and steady pace.

You’ll be able to find relief, enjoy your business again, and be confident you’ve set it up for growth in both the short and long-term.

Who we partner with

The founders we work with care about building a healthy business.

One that improves the quality of life for their team, the people they serve, and wider-society—alongside making a profit.

The types of businesses our clients run include:

Service-based businesses

Social enterprises

Online and digital businesses

We’ve worked with founders across several fields including, but not limited to:

UX, Technology, and Software Engineering

Health, Nutrition, Wellness, and Counselling

Landscape and Interior Design

Travel and Leisure

Finance and Bookkeeping

Marketing and Design

Climate Action and Environmental Sciences

Violence Prevention and Response

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Online Education, Training, Memberships, and Communities

What we believe

Founding a business is an opportunity to contribute to creating personal, social, and economic wealth and well-being.

We believe in building businesses to last long-term.

Here are the guiding principles we bring to work:

Think Relationally

Everything is interconnected within and beyond your business.

We don’t just look at the immediate impact. A systems approach helps us see the potential effect key business decisions can have on you, your team, and society.

Create Cohesion

The order you to do things in matters more than the time it takes you to do it.

In successful strategy execution, each step builds upon the previous. Efficiency follows effectiveness. And, flexibility is key to lasting long-term.  Creating alignment is a delicate balancing act and we aim to find the right mix for you.

Embrace Multiplicity

Ditch this or that thinking. We ask how we can do this “and” that.

We don’t shy away from challenging the norm and questioning narrow binary thinking. For example, it’s possible (and necessary) to be profitable and create a healthy business.

Be Dynamic

Gain knowledge, collect feedback, reflect, and actively adapt.

To continuously improve how you operate and keep up in an evolving world, we help you build feedback loops to allow you to grow your business today and stay relevant for the future. 

Who we are

Meet our founder

Monisha Bajaj

Strategy Execution Consultant
• Founder of m times v

I went from event and digital operations to business strategy, and created my sweet spot in the middle: strategy execution.

Whether I was producing a dance, theatre, or Cirque production at my first job, managing a network of 22+ remote freelancers for a digital media production project, or strategizing for my first venture, a social enterprise non-profit organization, my aim was the same.

To create a delightful, cohesive experience.

When I was a project manager, I “questioned” my way into business strategy—I’d always ask why we put our resources and time where they were. Too often, I’d find gaps in strategy and fill them before forging ahead with execution. My clients started asking me to strategize entire departments and businesses with them so that they were set up with a strategy they could successfully execute from the beginning.

Over the past decade, I’ve had the pleasure of strategizing, allocating, and overseeing budgets from $100K to $1.3M, along with building out processes, timelines, and team roles. Working with founders of 8- 7- 6- and 5-figure businesses, to help them leap towards their next, purposeful, growth goal.

Today, instead of choreographing performing arts spectacles, I work with founders to synchronize their business strategy and operations and translate that into tangible action steps for them to move in.

After running over 350+ 1:1 sessions with 50+ founders, I've seen that when strategy and operations are in sync your business can reach its full potential with much less stress.

It removes blockers getting in your way and allows you to accomplish your goals.

That is, when everything clicks into place, things progress at a swift and steady pace.

I’m excited to help you do the same.

Ines Schuber

Founder and Plant-Based and Intuitive Eating Coach

“When I met Monisha I had already been part of several group programs and a mastermind. I knew that to take my business to the next level I needed 1:1 support.

Before we started working together everything felt just so difficult and not clicking. I knew there was a better way to run my business, a more efficient and more enjoyable one!

When we started working together, Monisha never ceased to AMAZE me!

She helped me restructure my business in a way that is aligned with my long-term vision.

She was my north star, always guiding me in making the right decisions in the right order to grow my audience and my offers in a sustainable way. But most importantly she taught me the skills to do all these things on my own too.

Working with Monisha has been the best business experience I’ve ever had and I couldn’t recommend her enough to everyone wanting to grow and improve their business through thoughtful strategy and personalized support.

It feels like THANK YOU would never be enough for everything Monisha did for me!”

Gwenaelle Lequeux

Founder, GL Pro Coaching

“Monisha is amazing, for me she is a business optometrist.

You come to her with a blurry vision of what you should do about your business and she provides you with the perfect diagnosis and treatment and suddenly your vision is fixed and you end up with a powerful strategy to put in motion.”

If you’re interested in working with us, send us a message here to start the conversation.

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