Grow a Team Program

Build a skilled and trustworthy team

Get prepared to welcome and support team members with confidence. Then, step out of the day-to-day and into a CEO role in your business.

About this program

Turn your vision into a concrete, financially sound, team growth plan.

In this program, we’ll work together to develop team structure and roles for your business.

A step-by-step plan that clearly spells out what you need to do to get ready to bring on team members, know who to hire next, and how to give them an amazing experience at your company. All without making your cash flow tight or adding more to your own workload.

And, no: we’re not going to ask you to list all the tasks you do and have you “star” the ones you hate. If your goal is to build a well-coordinated team, simply ‘delegating what you hate’ isn’t helpful advice.

Instead, we’ll work with you to:

Update your existing business strategy and operating model to reflect your growth.

Build out a proper, sustainable team structure, with defined roles and responsibilities that make sense for your vision and strategy.

We’ll dig in and map out what your team will look like at scale and help you decide who to hire next—factoring in your finances.

Map out a system to help you train, onboard, and get everyone up to speed quickly and effectively.

You’ll have a step-by-step plan detailing your new workflows and action steps to put necessary structures in place. So that your future team will be supported, able to take ownership of their work, and get things done without being over reliant on you.

Who this program is for

Ready to truly step into the CEO role?

This program is best suited for you if:

You have validated offers, services, or products that you’ve been delivering to your clients. That means, you’re not trying to figure out how to start a business. You have a business and want to optimize and expand from where you are now.

You’ve got more work than you can handle now—or anticipate this starting to happen soon—and want to hire more support within the next year. We count both contractors or employees as team members.

You want to build a healthy business that supports the wellbeing of your team members. That means paying people fairly and creating a safe, supportive work environment while being profitable.

You may already have a few people that you’re working with and want to work with them more effectively. If you don’t work with anyone yet, that’s okay too.

You’d like to be able to build and support a team of anywhere from 3 to 99 people.

What you’ll get out of this program

Be fully prepared to take action and welcome new team members with confidence

We’ve run over 350+ sessions with founders. Depending on your goals, after this program, you’ll:

Be clear about who and what roles you need to make your vision happen at scale and who to hire next

Get a model gives structure to your business and team plus factor in finances so that you can hire smart, keep the business healthy, and profitable—which makes it more sustainable for you and your team members

Have the information you the information you need to write crisp, and appealing, job descriptions

Get the components you need to be able to build out an effective and delightful onboarding and training process for new team members specific to your business

Have a foundation for building an “ownership” based culture where team members are able to proactively do highly quality work and know what to work on without waiting for you to give them their next task

Have step-by-step instructions to setup a custom system to share knowledge successfully across the company and reducing reliance on you as the founder

How we’ll work together

You’ll get a personalized, collaborative 1:1 experience

How we’ll work together

You’ll get a personalized, collaborative 1:1 experience

We work as partners to co-create your plan.

We’ll work together in a unique combination of 4 or 5 live workshops, depending on your needs and asynchronous activities.

While we do the heavy lifting guiding the engagement with our expertise, you’ll be an active participant in the process and making sound decisions about your business with our support. As our founder, Monisha, likes to say, “We build the canvas, so you can be the painter.”

Set aside roughly 1.5 to 2 hours per week during our engagement, this includes attending any workshops we run with you.

Grow a Team is a completely personalized 6-8 week experience.

We tailor work together to fit your needs as a founder and the business. We factor in your natural learning style, strengths, and neurodiversity so you’re able to fully engage in the experience.

As any great strategy and operations plan should, the outcomes of our work are unique to your business. The investment for this program starts at USD 0000. After we chat and learn about your specific situation, we’ll create a custom plan for you to meet your needs.

Note: Sometimes founders like to combine this program with our Increase Your Operational Capacity Program. Just let us know that you’re interested in this when you send us a message and we can chat about ways to do this if it fits your needs.

No skipping key steps. We’ll work through your team growth plan systematically.

At m times v, strategy and execution are inseparable. No matter what stage your business is at, to set you up with a plan that you can implement, we start this program by diving into your business strategy, to strengthen them, before moving into building out your operating model and team structure.

We know it can be nerve-wracking to bring on new people into your business. You might be nervous about letting go, about the cost of supporting a team, or maintaining high quality standards. Usually, people who work with us have tried to bring on team members before and it got messy for one reason or another.

By approaching your plan systematically, we help our clients work through these concerns, many times helping avoid the common pitfalls and headaches so they can build a team they are proud of and excited to work with.

Omaily Lucas

Founder, Live Love Yummy

“I came to Monisha because I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed in my business. I couldn’t figure out the right structure to help me keep up with my current day-to-day tasks and hire support today while also taking the future into consideration.

With my busy schedule, it was difficult for me to work on the things that will grow my business in an efficient and effective way.

Working with Monisha allowed me to build a solid foundation that is flexible enough to grow as the business grows. Now that we’ve completed our project, I know exactly what to put my focus on, what the next steps are, and who to hire.

The way Monisha combines the strategy and operations gives me confidence in knowing that I won’t only be efficient but also profitable.”

Luisa Alberto

Founder and CEO, People First Finance

I was referred to Monisha by a dear friend and fellow business owner when I expressed concerns about my team capacity for growth.

I wanted to scale my business, and had good infrastructure in place, but didn't feel comfortable onboarding new clients and team members into a company culture that was completely reliant on what I had thrown together myself.

From our first call, we were literally finishing each others sentences and flowing naturally from one area of focus to another. I was surprised at how detailed, attentive and process oriented Monisha was for also being a genius when it comes strategy and business design.

I am consistently impressed by her ability to lead and direct our work, meet me wherever I am any given week, and infuse the company values we solidified together into every single decision we make.

I have worked with Monisha for about 7 months now, and I can confidently say that it is the best investment I have made in the last year for my business.

I went from a leader with lack of boundaries, saying the right thing to get the sale, to taking my time making sure that each client we work with is the right fit and that mutual expectations are crystal clear.

I have peace of mind knowing that there is no challenge we can't solve together, and that I have a committed and brilliant mind working alongside me to strengthen my business in every possible way.

I cannot recommend Monisha more highly! She is the real deal and in the number one spot on my list of preferred service professionals.

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