Add a Digital Revenue Stream

Expand differently and diversify your revenue

Build out a new department in your business and change how you spend your days at work.

About this program

Expand your reach with a digital offering

You’ve got a big vision for your business and lots of ideas you’d like to make happen.

Now, you’re ready to reach more people and expand your impact by creating a digital offering. Not to mention, it’d be fun to roll up your sleeves, learn new skills, and change up how you spend your days at work.

A digital revenue stream could be a digital course, product, group program, membership, or community.

You need to be intentional about this because you have an existing business and offerings that you and your team are currently delivering. You’d like to keep them up and going and you want to get started building out your new revenue stream.

To help you come up with an approach to make this work, in this program, we’ll work together to:

Define your the vision for your business now and how your new offering fits into it

Strategize out your new digital offering, including positioning, offer structure, cost to produce, and pricing

Update your business’ strategy and operating model to map what needs to happen to support your new revenue stream within your existing business

Determine what to processes to optimize and what to scale up (or down) to make room for your new revenue stream (without sacrificing your existing income)

Map out a step-by-step plan for you to launch your new digital offering and sustain (or keep growing) your existing business

You’ll leave with a strategy defining your new offering along with a step-by-step plan that outlines the actions to take to strengthen your existing operations, build in your new revenue stream, and steps to take to launch.

Who this program is for

You’ve got something good going on and see a new opportunity you want to pursue

This program is best suited for you if:

You already have a core business that is successfully delivering a service to clients or product to buyers a.k.a this isn’t your first rodeo!

You already have, or intend to grow, an audience via an email list, social platform, or other channel (and you recognize that building an audience doesn’t happen overnight).

You have a team that supports you in your business and you are ready to delegate more work to your team.

What you’ll get out of this program

A clearly defined offer and action steps to make your vision a reality

We’ve run over 350+ sessions with founders. Depending on your goals, after this program, you’ll:

Have a clear vision and game plan for bringing your new digital revenue stream to market—including recommendations for a technology stack to back it up.

Be confident that your existing business will continue to grow and sustain itself while you direct your attention to your new revenue stream.

Reduce the risk that comes with only relying on one revenue stream in your business and giving yourself multiple scalable income sources.

How we’ll work together

You’ll get a personalized, collaborative 1:1 experience

How we’ll work together

You’ll get a personalized, collaborative 1:1 experience

We work as partners to co-create your plan.

We’ll work together in a unique combination of 4 or 5 live workshops, depending on your needs and asynchronous activities.

While we do the heavy lifting guiding the engagement with our expertise, you’ll be an active participant in the process and making sound decisions about your business with our support. As our founder, Monisha, likes to say, “We build the canvas, so you can be the painter.”

Set aside roughly 1.5 to 2 hours per week during our engagement, this includes attending any workshops we run with you.

Add a Digital Revenue Stream Program is a completely personalized 6-8 week experience

We tailor work together to fit your needs as a founder and the business. We factor in your natural learning style, strengths, and neurodiversity so you’re able to fully engage in the experience.

As any great strategy and operations plan should, the outcomes of our work are unique to your business. The investment for this program starts at USD 0000. After we chat and learn about your specific situation, we’ll create a custom plan for you to meet your needs.

Note: Sometimes founders like to combine this program with our Increase Your Operational Capacity Program. Just let us know that you’re interested in this when you send us a message and we can chat about ways to do this if it fits your needs.

A strong foundation matters. Your core offering comes first, then your new offering.

If we find that your existing core business needs more attention and operational upgrades we might recommend extending the program to help you streamline your existing operations first.

This way you can be confident that you’re building your new revenue stream on top of a solid business to begin with.

Nancy Hagan

Founder VOW for Change, Online Community

“I approached Monisha after nearly a year and hundreds of pages of research and ideas. I had been stagnant, tired of taking notes that I wasn’t yet acting on, and ready to move forward with my online community but unsure of where to even begin.

I had done discovery calls with a few business coaches and strategists prior to speaking with her and she blew everyone out of the water in the first step. Her preparation for our call went above and beyond and she consistently exceeded my expectations thereafter.

Monisha reviewed all my detailed work and synthesized the information into very focused and manageable big-picture concepts to lay the crucial foundation for the rest.

When I saw my vision and how it would come to life written so clearly right in front of me, I got so excited! It was all POSSIBLE!
I knew exactly what I needed to do and felt prepared and confident in my next steps.

She’s sharp, processes information lightning fast, knows exactly what she’s talking about, and guided our workshops in an incredibly productive and fun way. Not only that but she’s super approachable, professional, and genuine, with a wealth of well-rounded experience in a variety of business practices.

1000% recommend (no, that’s not a typo).

Thank you Monisha!!”

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